NYSIF's Redesigned Bill is Here!

The New York State Insurance Fund is pleased to announce the launch of our new bill. The updated bill has a new look and feel, and includes the details our policyholders wanted most. 

While the redesigned bill looks very different, it includes much of the same information. All of the highlights that you need to know up front, such as your previous balance, total balance, minimum payment due, due date, and payment options are on the first page, for easy access. We also include any policy notifications or important updates in the new “Policy Alerts” and “Message Center” sections on this page.

Additional information, such as a chronological listing of your transactions, an explanation of charges, and installment details are placed on the back of the bill, for quick reference. For more helpful information about the redesigned bill, including an sample preview with explanations, please visit nysif.com/mybill.

We remain committed to making it easier for our customers to do business with us. Thank you for choosing NYSIF.

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