Reps: NYSIF Launches New COVID-19 Page

Dear Policyholder Representative:

NYSIF has launched a new COVID-19 page where you can access the latest information, guidance and tools for your policies during the coronavirus pandemic. Our new page serves as a centralized source of help for Safety Group Managers, as well as brokers and agents.

Access NYSIF Accounts Remotely
As you know, with a NYSIF online account, you can manage your NYSIF policies from the convenience of home. Create certificates, view claims, view billing history and more. There’s even an audit upload feature for workers’ compensation policies that offers a remote alternative to onsite audits.

Relief for New York Businesses
For businesses that have experienced a significant decrease in payroll or other coronavirus-related financial difficulties, we can adjust premium payments to reflect their situation. Our COVID-19 page provides links to contact NYSIF policy representatives, who can work on their behalf.

Coronavirus-related Coverage
NYSIF anticipates there will be many questions about coverage and liability as COVID-19 continues its impact. We’re evaluating each claim on a case-by-case basis in determining compensability. For workers, our COVID-19 page provides a helpful primer on claims eligibility.

The coronavirus pandemic is evolving quickly and NYSIF is committed to helping representatives every step of the way. Check back frequently with our COVID-19 page at, which is being continually updated with all the latest information.

Thank you.


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