NYSIF’s New IVR: Less is So Much More

NYSIF has launched a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for our Contact Center, to help make accessing your account easier than ever. In designing our new IVR, we decided on a less is more approach – less complexity is much more convenient.

Streamlined Menu Options: The 12 main menu options from the old IVR have been streamlined to just five. And we moved from two menu prompts – voice and phone keypad – to just one, we kept the keypad. By getting rid of customer voice prompts, we eliminate the frustration that comes from being misunderstood by voice recognition.

Intuitive and Responsive to You:  NYSIF’s new IVR was built to be intuitive to evolving customer needs. Menu options and voice guidance are optimized according to trending business conditions, which is an important consideration at a time like the COVID-19 crisis.

We invite you to give it a try – just call 888-875-5790 and get right down to business.

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