NEW from NYSIF: Easy Online Payroll Verification

Easy Online Payroll Verification at NYSIF
NYSIF is introducing a new, more streamlined online payroll report which makes it easier and more convenient to complete your annual workers’ compensation payroll verification.

From Paper Reporting to Online
When it’s time to report your payroll, we will send you a notice with all the relevant reporting information to complete the process online at in a few easy steps. Our new online reporting feature eliminates the need for you to perform complex calculations as NYSIF will calculate overtime credit as well as the minimum, maximum or exclusion of charges for executive officers. However, if you still prefer a paper payroll verification form, you can download and print one at

From Onsite to Online Payroll Verification
For policyholders who have traditionally been subject to annual onsite payroll verification, we encourage you use our Audit Document Upload feature at to complete the payroll verification process online. To further enhance our online capabilities, we will soon launch virtual payroll verification via Microsoft Teams. We will update you as soon as this new service becomes available.

NYSIF is here to help you throughout the entire payroll verification process. If you have questions, please reach out to your NYSIF Policy Representative by calling 800-865-4714.

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