PayGo Gets A+ from NYSIF Policyholders

Over 95% of Our Policyholders Using PayGo Recommend It In Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey

New York businesses offered high praise for NYSIF PayGo in a recent customer-satisfaction survey. Our pay-as-you-go workers’ comp solution earned high marks from small businesses and multinationals alike. PayGo has fundamentally transformed the way their workers’ comp premiums are calculated, remitted and paid.

  • "I always know exactly what my workers' comp costs are."
  • "Without PayGo it would be difficult to stay in business."
  • "No need to pay a penny more than payroll costs each month."
  • "Less paperwork throughout the year."
  • "One less insurance payment I need to worry about."

Transforming Workers’ Comp
Workers’ comp premiums are typically based on payroll estimates made at the beginning of the of the policy year. Regardless of what happens with staffing levels over the course of a year, premium payments are still based on the estimate. PayGo changes all this by basing premium on actual payroll each pay period. As payroll changes, so does premium in direct, real-time alignment. This helps ensure workers’ comp costs are in sync with a policyholder’s business and staffing levels at all times.

PayGo Comes Highly Recommended
Almost all respondents in our customer-satisfaction survey reported having a very high regard for NYSIF PayGo. When asked if they would personally recommend PayGo to other businesses, 95% of our respondents answered with a definitive “yes.”

Top-Ranked PayGo Benefits
When our survey asked about the benefits of using PayGo, 70% of respondents chose “ease and accuracy of payments” as the top-ranked answer, followed by “audit bill reduced or eliminated” (67%) and “improvement to cash flow (50%).” Since there is no upfront premium deposit required with PayGo, the benefits begin immediately and continue all year long to an easy year-end audit.

Getting Started with PayGo
NYSIF policyholders can get started with PayGo by sending an email to NYSIF will guide policyholders through the registration process to ensure that they maximize the cost-effectiveness and cash flow benefits of using PayGo. To learn more, see our PayGo page here at

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