NYSIF Career Opportunities

Hiring Process

NYSIF has career opportunities in claims management, underwriting, policyholder services, accounting and auditing, actuarial science, financial services, administrative support, human resources, information technology, legal services and more.

Hires for a majority of positions are made according to merit as determined through competitive examinations administered by the New York State Department of Civil Service. Civil Service exams are held on a continuous basis for NYSIF positions including accountants and auditors, actuaries, information technology specialists, medical care representatives (registered nurses) and vocational rehabilitation specialists.

Visit the Civil Service website for more information on positions in New York State government. For more information on the examinations offered through the New York State Department Civil Service, visit the Civil Service exam website which includes instructions on how to apply.

Current Openings

Listed openings require that candidates either:

  • be active on a Civil Service eligible list or
  • have specific experience within New York State government

Please review the minimum qualifications before inquiring about listed openings. Current New York State employees in transferable titles must submit a cover letter and resume. If you are active on a Civil Service eligible list, you will receive a canvass letter.

Position Title Deadline to Apply
Private Markets Portfolio Manager - New York City 02/06/22
Senior Corporate Credit Analyst - New York City 02/06/22
Senior Quantitative Portfolio Analyst - New York City 02/06/22
Structured Products Credit Analyst - New York City 02/06/22
Investigative Officer 1 (SIF) - Buffalo
Investigative Officer 1 (SIF) - New York City  01/20/22
Senior Accountant/Trainee 1/Trainee 2 01/19/22
Auditor Trainee 1 - New York City 01/14/22
Auditor Trainee 1 - Buffalo 01/14/22
Auditor Trainee 1 - White Plains 01/14/22
Auditor Trainee 1 - Endicott 01/14/22
Auditor Trainee 1 - Albany 01/14/22
Supervising Attorney - White Plains 01/08/22
Supervising Attorney - Syracuse 01/08/22
Supervising Attorney - Rochester 01/08/22
Supervising Attorney - New York City 01/08/22
Supervising Attorney - Long Island 01/07/22
Supervising Attorney - Buffalo 01/07/22
Supervising Attorney - Endicott 01/07/22
Supervising Attorney - Albany 01/07/22
Chief Risk Officer - Albany 01/13/22
Chief Risk Officer - New York City 01/13/22
Principal Actuary Casualty - New York City 01/13/22

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