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NYSIF 2022 Events

Date Event Location
3/1/22  NYSIF 12th Annual MWBE Symposium UFT Headquarters, Manhattan
3/31/22 Buffalo I-Day POSTPONED
4/8/22 - 4/10/22  The New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislators Annual Legislative Conference  Hilton Albany, Albany
4/27/22 Long Island RAP Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury
5/26/22 HIA-LI 34th Annual Trade Show SCCC Grant Campus, Brentwood
8/24/22 - 9/5/22 NYS Fair NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse
9/22/22 Rochester I-Day Eagle Vale Golf Club, Penfield

NYSIF News Releases
New York State Insurance Fund News Releases


NYSIF Supports The Securities And Exchange Commission's Proposal To Reform Private Funds  (05/05/2022)
NYSIF Hosts 12th Annual MWBE Investment Symposium (03/03/2022)
Governor Announces Resources to Aid Workers with Long-Haul COVID Workers’ Comp Claims (01/26/2022) 


NYSIF Adds Virtual Feature to Audit Scheduling (12/29/2021) 
NYSIF Names New Executive Director  (11/17/2021)
Introducing the New NYSIF Risk Control Resource Center (11/17/2021)
NYSIF Releases 2020 Annual Report (09/16/2021) 
Governor Hochul Signs Legislation To Support 9/11 & Communications First Responders (09/11/2021)
NYSIF Announces Coverage for Policyholders’ Out-of-State Work (08/06/2021)
Greater Online Convenience for You! (02/08/2021) 
DB Policyholders: Go Paperless Now at NYSIF! (01/22/2021) 


NYSIF Announces PPE Credit for Policyholders (08/25/2020) 
NEW From NYSIF: Easy Online Payroll Verification (08/06/2020)
AutoPay Now Available for Policyholders (07/24/2020) 
Reopen with the NYSIF COVID-19 Safety Guide (06/18/2020)
NYSIF’s New IVR: Less is So Much More (05/13/2020)
Policyholders: We Are Here to Help (05/05/2020)
Financial Relief for Our Policyholders (04/02/2020) 
Help for New York Workers (03/30/2020)
Policyholders: NYSIF Launches New COVID-19 Page (03/27/2020)
Reps: NYSIF Launches New COVID-19 Page (03/27/2020)
A Message to Our Policyholders (03/20/2020)
NYSIF Continues Operations Remotely (03/17/2020)
Governor Announces Agreement On Paid Sick Leave For New Yorkers Impacted by COVID-19 (03/17/2020) 
Consumer Guidance on Completing Census (03/12/2020)
NYSIF Business Continuity Amid Coronavirus (03/06/2020)


New Workers' Compensation Drug Formulary Effective December 5, 2019 (12/04/2019)
NYSIF Announces More Time to Pay Your Premium Bill and New Paperless Option (10/18/2019)
Governor Announces Statewide MWBE Utilization Rate Grows to Nation-Leading 29.13% (10/02/2019)
Great Coverage Has a New Look (08/21/2019) 
Governor Announces Successful First Year of Nation's Strongest Paid Family Leave (08/13/2019) 
NYSIF Announces New Notification Center (08/01/2019) 
NYSIF Revamps Online Certificate System (07/11/2019) 
Department of Tax & Finance: Employers Must Follow New Wage Reporting Requirements  (03/21/2019)
OSHA Form 300A Submission Deadline is March 2, 2019 (02/19/2019)
NYSIF Hosts Ninth Annual MWBE Symposium (01/25/2019)


NYSIF's Redesigned Bill is Here!  (11/30/2018) 
NYSIF Adds New Claims Feature to Policyholder Online Accounts  (10/18/2018) 
NYSIF Launches New Safety Group Search by Class Code (10/01/2018)
Manhattan DA: Construction Company Indicted for Insurance Fraud (07/25/2018)
NYSIF, NYS DOL & Manhattan DA Announce Recovery of $325,000 in Unpaid Insurance Premiums (07/13/2018)
NYSIF Offers New Premium Audit Documents Upload (06/08/2018)
NYSIF Implements Online Account Recertification (03/19/2018)
NYSIF Hosts Eighth Annual MWBE Symposium (02/12/2018) 


NYSIF Announces Shorter, Faster eApplication (12/21/2017) 
NYSIF Announces Policyholders Can Now Grant Brokers Access to Claims (11/21/2017) 
NYSIF Expedites Electronic Submission for Commonly Used Forms (10/17/2017)
Governor Announces Seventh Annual Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise MWBE Forum (09/29/2017)
NYSIF Adds Two Features to Online Certificates of Insurance (06/30/2017) 
NYSIF Introduces New Feature to Premium Audit Scheduling (06/23/2017)
NYSIF Launches Instant eQuote for Domestic Worker Policies (06/16/2017)
NYSIF Announces Benefit Payment Summary Available Online for Workers’ Comp & ATF Claimants (6/15/2017)
NYSIF Announces Policyholders & Reps Can Now Access Premium Audit Information Online (06/09/2017)
NYSIF Announces Claims Payment Summaries Are Available to Disability Benefits Policyholders Online (06/08/2017)
Queens Trucking Owner and Worker Charged In Fraud Scam (06/01/2017)
Governor Announces New York Employers Workers' Comp Premiums Will Be Reduced by About $400 Million (05/15/2017)
May 8 - 12 is National Safety Stand Down Against Falls in Construction Week (05/09/2017)
NYSIF Announces Expanded Eligibility to Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Payment Service (05/04/2017)
NYSIF Expands Direct Deposit Offerings (03/03/2017) 
Owner of Red Hook Contracting Company Charged with Allegedly Stealing Over $64,000 from NYSIF (02/06/2017)
OSHA Reminds Employers to Post Injury and Illness Summaries (02/06/2017)


NYSIF Establishes Producers’ Advisory Council (11/29/16)
NYSIF Announces Premium Audit Electronic Exit Interview Form (11/07/2016)
NYSIF Announces Electronic Access to Policy Information Pages for Policyholders (07/14/2016)
NYSIF Announces Expansion of Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Payment Service (05/13/2016)
NYSIF Announces QR Code for Instant Validation of Certificates of Insurance (05/06/2016)
NYSIF Announces Electronic Access to Policy Information Pages for Brokers (04/21/2016)
NYSIF Announces Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Service (04/15/2016)
NYSIF Announces eApplication for Brokers (04/07/2016)
NYSIF Announces Fast and Easy Online Account Access (04/01/2016)
OSHA 300A Posting Requirement Reminder (03/02/2016)
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NYSIF Investment Policy Statement (April 20, 2022)
NYSIF Transparency Plan (October 28, 2021)
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